Talon Floater

A superior row cleaner that moves more residue and less soil, with less down pressure. For more information on the Talon Floater,
click here.

Twin Row Planter

Twin Row Planter developed only for Monosem: Adjustable, Rugged, Simple, Precise. For more information on our Twin Row Planter, click here.

Power Row Cleaner

  • Individual electronic driven, depth control
  • Adjust the depth from within the cab electronically while on the go

For more information, click here.

They’re Back!

Special Dakota Row Cleaners made from T-1000 Armor Plate Steel are now available again. Coupled with our new 3-hole greaseable hub, they are stronger than ever. Call your local dealer for details.

New Greasable Hub For Groff Finger Row Cleaner

This new design was developed for use in heavy, rocky soils to prolong bearing life and give added strength to the finger wheel.

Used in conjunction with our optional 3/8" abrasion resistant finger wheel, users have experienced significantly longer bearing and blade life.

Design features are:

  • One piece machined hub
  • Two 1" tapered roller bearings
  • A Triple lipped seal
  • 1" steel shaft is equivalent to a 1000 lb trailer axle
  • Dust Cap
  • See the Service Guide (PDF) for more details

The New Improved inside scraper for the Row Flex Fertilizer Opener uses an Air Design tungsten carbide edge for longer lasting positive pressure on discs.

View product photo and placement diagram (PDF)

Features include:

  • Air Design tungsten carbide edge
  • Easy retro fit – Mounts in same hole as the old “U” shape
  • Consistent, positive pressure on discs
  • Longer lasting
  • Protects SS fertilizer tube

See your local dealer to order part number 1015 or call:
Groff Ag at 877-568-9816
Or Josh Moreno at 5M Ag 308-882-0014

Manufactured in USA!

Groff Ag is a family-owned operation that has an unwavering dedication to the quality and craftsmanship of each one of its products.