Answers to some frequently asked questions, ranging from finger row cleaners to fertilizer placement, to useful tips and tricks.

  • What makes Groff Ag Finger Row Cleaners better than the others in the industry?

    Our patented design does not hairpin the trash. Fingers enter the ground horizontally, emerge vertically, allowing tangle free operation. Our finger row cleaners move very little dirt and clear a path wide enough to reduce planter bounce and insure better seed depth. The unique action of Groff Ag finger row cleaners also pulverizes clods and firms a seed bed that may be too loose.

    Take your hand and fan out your fingers. You will notice that all your fingers are perpendicular to the center axis of the imaginary wheel you created. If you roll this wheel across a flat surface you will see that the end of the fingers will stab the trash and/or hairpin it in the seed bed. If the trash is stabbed by a finger, normal rotation of the wheel causes a centrifugal force that will throw the trash into the planter drive or wrap around the unit itself. Plugged wheels become a V-plow and defeat the purpose of a row cleaner. Now, take that same hand and bring it down to a flat surface like a karate chop. You will notice that the long flat side of the finger comes in contact with the trash instead of the point. As you rotate your hand, the finger “combs” the trash to the side; exits the ground perpendicular and sheds the trash. See our videos for a demonstration.

  • Why can’t I get my row cleaners completely out of the ground?

    Your planter tool bar is set too low, causing your row unit to be tilted down towards your tractor. Raise your toolbar to approximately 23” above the firmed seed row, or until your parallel linkage is about 2” above level. This will level your row unit and allow you to raise the row cleaners completely out of ground if necessary. For more information about this, see the Planter Adjustment information (PDF).

  • Why do you place your fertilizer band only 2” from the seed?

    Over the years many universities and agronomists have performed numerous tests to determine optimum fertilizer placement. In a Ohio State University study (AGF-210-92), titled “Best Management Practices: Using Starter Fertilizer”, the publication outlined the rate and placement of starter fertilizer and the effects on the crop. A band of starter 2” from the seed allows for more nutrients to be applied without harming the seed. Since Phosphate is an essential nutrient for early growth and does not move in the soil, 2” to the side and even with the seed depth has proven to be the most effective. Tests in our own fields have shown that for every ½” this starter band is moved away from the seed (any direction), an 18 hour delay in response time for the feeder root to reach the band is observed.

  • Why aren’t your fertilizer openers adjustable?

    The Groff Row Flex Placer is preset at 2” to the side of the seed and even with the bottom of the seed slot to allow optimum placement of nutrients as outlined in the previous question. More often than not, our users want to deepen the fertilizer band. This requires more planter down pressure and invariably the tool bar is incorrectly lowered to accomplish this. For more information about this, see the Planter Adjustment information (PDF). Our precise fertilizer placement, which is always constant, allows liquid fertilizer containing up to 40 lbs of salt index to be used on field corn without harming the seed and therefore adjustment is not necessary or desirable.

  • Why does my fertilizer tube wear?

    If the scraper in the double disk opener is worn out the fertilizer tube then becomes the scraper, and contrary to popular belief, stainless steel will wear down. Always insure the scraper is intact. Over 99% of the time, excessive scraper wear is caused by incorrect planter adjustment and the row units are running down hill. Our NEW tungsten carbide edged scraper is spring loaded and helps prolong the life of the fertilizer tube, provided the planter is set properly.

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